• Delivering mainframe services and software around the world, RSM Partners has a strong reputation for reliable delivery of world class, full spectrum z infrastructure resources.

    Since 2006, RSM has maintained a resolute business vision - to astound clients with its passion for delivering a continuously improving range of flexible services and solutions.

    ‘Because We Know, Because We Understand, Because We Care’ is a claim few can make in this specialised area - yet it is what defines RSM. Our independence, our price point, our agility - all serve to make us your ‘#1 Ally’.

    Try us - you won’t be disappointed.


    RSM provides you access to the largest z infrastructure skills pool available - carefully vetted, not only for their skills and track record, but for their professionalism, integrity and communication skills. Providing reliable resources, project delivery, consulting, managed services and 24*7 support.


    RSM zSecurity tools benefit from the distillation of over 400+ man years of mainframe security experience and expertise: tools ranging from a more productive and intuitive interface for routine security admin tasks, to a comprehensive and configurable, graphical ‘dashboard’ that provides real-time warnings about complex security incidents and exposures.


    Mainframe solutions you can rely on: RH4A cost reduction; software swap outs; V2V, storage, data centre migrations; cloud hosting for DR, dev/test and production workloads... on time, on budget, every time.


    RSM is acknowledged as a recognised world authority on IBM mainframe security. We offer a range of consulting services, including audit, compliance, risk and remediation. Our specialist penetration testing and security review services quickly uncover vulnerabilities that put your business at serious risk.


  • One of our most valued partners - for reliable provision of skills, agility and price point. I personally value the fact that our relationship is mature and that I am able to call on them at any time to discuss up and coming challenges.
    Highly recommended for their technical skills and commitment to getting results. We are already using them again to good effect for various projects.
    RSM has been associated with migration projects here for many years. These projects have been completed to a high standard and been delivered both on time and in budget.
    We value their technical input and capabilities. In particular we value the “real world” knowledge and experience that they bring to our projects.
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