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    • RSM Partners is a global provider of IBM mainframe services, software and expertise - 100% focused on the z System marketplace. Working with many of the world's largest organisations - spanning financial, retail, utility, government and service businesses - no one else can offer you the same mix of z mainframe knowledge and hands-on experience. RSM aims to address the headaches and challenges mainframe managers face by delivering assured mainframe skills; assured service delivery; and assured security.

      RSM is a people business, maintaining a strong reputation for the reliability, professionalism and depth of skills that our people have. Carefully selected and vetted, RSM mainframe consultants have a lengthy pedigree of experience in large organisations coupled with deep expertise in a number of specialist mainframe infrastructure areas. Our clients tell us that what differentiates us is our core values: reliability; agility; flexibility; and value. We are also a trusted ally to systems integrators, consulting companies, ISVs and IBM themselves.

      RSM Partners is an IBM Business Partner, has received Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Validation, and is a Crown Commercial Service supplier. RSM Partners was founded in 2006, evolving out of RSM Technology Limited (founded in 1972).


    • Below is a selection of valued customers we have worked with:



      Mark Wilson – Director

      A global thought leader in mainframe technology and security issues, Mark heads RSM Partners' Technical team. Drawing on more than 30 years' experience in z Systems in diverse sectors and environments, in both hands-on technical and strategic roles, Mark's deep insight and solutions-driven approach ensure he is highly valued by RSM clients, IBM and third party technology partners, and much in demand as a speaker on the international circuit. Mark is also Chair of the Guide Share Europe Large Systems Working Group and Technical Co-Coordinator of the GSE Enterprise Security working group.

      Andrew Downie – Director

      Joining RSM in 2010, directly from IBM, bringing over 20 years of z industry sales & marketing experience, Andrew is responsible for the growth and expansion of RSM business activities.

      Nick Davies – Director

      A qualified Chartered Accountant, Nick originally held Financial Directorship roles at a number of large corporates. Now a successful businessman, Nick owns, invests and consults in a number of businesses, including RSM.


    • RSM Offices

      The registered, trading & main office of RSM is located near Birmingham in the UK, in the suburb of Bromsgrove. This modern office is in a recently constructed, purpose built, business estate with good communication links. The Bromsgrove office houses our administration function, meeting rooms & machine room.

      There is also a separate office in Cork, Ireland.


    • RSM operates three z114’s, alongside IBM DS disk subsystem and a tape library housing TS1130 technology.

      One is RSM's own machine, providing training environments. We also host our own test/dev LPARS, running zOS 1.13 & 2.1 along with VM and Linux.

      The second is a hosted machine which we operate and support for a client.

      The third is an Enterprise Linux Server, running only VM & Linux, acting as a demo box for the art of the possible for leveraging mainframe technology in pursuit of cost reduction and efficiency.


    • RSM Partners has attained a variety of accreditations and maintains technology partnerships with companies it feels adds significant value both to our service offerings and to our end clients. These include:



    • RSM maintains a number of affiliations which serve to benefit both our own consultants as well as our clients. Our affiliations include:

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