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    RSM Partners is a recognised world authority in mainframe security, risk and compliance for IBM z System environments. We assist some of the largest financial, retail, utility and government organisations worldwide to protect the integrity of their z System mainframes. We also offer an integrated set of Security Software Tools to help you manage and secure your mainframe in an easy to use browser based environment. RSM Partners has received Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Validation as a leader in z Systems Security.


    • Internal and external audits are invariably viewed as unwelcome distractions to ‘business as usual’ security operations. As renowned specialists in all aspects of mainframe security, successfully working with a wide range of blue chip clients, RSM have a deep understanding about the type of information auditors seek and how best to address their requirements.

      As well as helping clients prepare for auditor visits, we can also conduct audits ourselves, identifying varying levels of shortfall against ‘best practices’ and audit requirements.



    • Regulatory requirements such as SOX and PCI - as well as internal DLP exercises - can require you to scan your entire IT environment - including the mainframe - to detect any sensitive/target data, such as credit card numbers. Comprehensively scanning all possible locations of stored data across a mainframe environment is literally an impossible task. RSM is uniquely positioned to deliver a scanning capability that enables you to address such requirements.



    • RSM has the capability to identify security exposures using a combination of its penetration testing expertise and proven vulnerability scanning tools.

      Regulatory requirements, such as PCI - and often internal risk policy - require the scanning of the entire IT environment - including the mainframe - to detect any such security exposures. Scanning a mainframe software stack is a complex challenge. However, finding and remediating such vulnerabilities is extremely important in order to avoid any potential compromise of system integrity. RSM is uniquely positioned to deliver a scanning capability that enables you to address this requirement.



    • Audits frequently give rise to large bodies of remediation work needing to be undertaken. Such work is often challenging in finding internal resources that can be freed up from ‘business as usual’. Additionally, such remediation work often has high visibility and priority within management priorities, requiring completion within pressing timescales. The RSM Security Practice brings significant experience in tackling such requirements, prioritising, planning and executing in a time efficient and practical manner.



    • The mainframe environment is popularly regarded as one of the most secure platforms on the planet; particularly in respect to managed access control capability. However, almost every mainframe environment suffers some element of poorly configured controls which could allow a normal user to elevate their privileges.

      Such vulnerabilities allow existing security controls to be circumvented and gain access to sensitive data. More alarming, they can do so without leaving any trace, thereby giving them the option of repeating the process at leisure. RSM is uniquely positioned to deliver a service to detect such issues using its penetration testing and vulnerability scanning capabilities.

      To request our Penetration Testing datasheet or for more information, email info@rsmpartners.com


  • One of our most valued partners - for reliable provision of skills, agility and price point. I personally value the fact that our relationship is mature and that I am able to call on them at any time to discuss up and coming challenges.
    Highly recommended for their technical skills and commitment to getting results. We are already using them again to good effect for various projects.
    RSM has been associated with migration projects here for many years. These projects have been completed to a high standard and been delivered both on time and in budget.
    We value their technical input and capabilities. In particular we value the “real world” knowledge and experience that they bring to our projects.
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