• Mainframe Solutions


    RSM has a built a strong reputation, both with clients and within the industry in general, providing its clients with a range of mainframe solutions, including migration, upgrade, hosting and disaster recovery services, since 2006.


    • Mainframe migrations of varying kinds can be undertaken for varying reasons - cost, consolidation, mergers, etc. Whatever the driver, RSM is well positioned to assist you with mainframe software, storage and data centre migrations.

      Software Migrations

      Our experience in vendor migrations has grown from undertaking single product migrations in the early 90’s, to now conducting whole vendor suite migration, often against aggressive timescales.

      We have a proven stakeholder management approach in this area, using initial assessment questionnaires and automated conversion tools to speed and de-risk the project. These techniques allow RSM to describe the size, complexity and likely costs of a project with greater precision; helping our customers to model smart initiatives at an early point in the investment cycle. Thereafter, we conduct a more detailed assessment - producing detailed project plans together with a fixed price Statement of Work for the project.

      Storage Migrations

      These are physical or virtual tape migrations. We have access to all of the required technology to facilitate a seamless migration from your current tape technology to the latest technology available.

      Data Centre Migrations

      RSM are data centre migration experts. We have experience of moving single systems / machines to new locations and have also delivered whole data centre migrations on a trans-Atlantic basis.

      Platform / Workload Migrations

      RSM help their customers exploit newer IBM hardware technology; for example, we have demonstrable experience of exploiting zIIP, zAAP, IFL. Or, are you considering migrating some of your distributed systems workload to exploit Linux running on system z? Again, RSM has real world experience in scoping, benchmarking, testing, implementing and finally supporting these migrations.



    • RSM is well versed in assisting V2V migrations, whether DB2, CICS, z/OS etc. These migrations can be done on-site with the client, remotely via VPN, or utilising the RSM mainframe.



    • We offer a flexible range mainframe hosting solutions.

      Our customers have found that these services reduce operating costs, increase speed and simplify mainframe management processes.



    • RSM team of DR experts help customers to deploy and prove complex DR strategies; strategies that flexibly accommodate guest workloads and infrastructures, and include the effective management of multiple encryption and security


    ISV / SI

    • RSM skills are frequently called upon by 3rd parties, helping them deliver enterprise projects, requiring an element of mainframe expertise. Equally our 24/7 help desk is relied upon to provide localised support for smaller ISV offerings.


  • One of our most valued partners - for reliable provision of skills, agility and price point. I personally value the fact that our relationship is mature and that I am able to call on them at any time to discuss up and coming challenges.
    Highly recommended for their technical skills and commitment to getting results. We are already using them again to good effect for various projects.
    RSM has been associated with migration projects here for many years. These projects have been completed to a high standard and been delivered both on time and in budget.
    We value their technical input and capabilities. In particular we value the “real world” knowledge and experience that they bring to our projects.
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