• RSM Security Server (RSS)


  • Business Objective

    Enterprise Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions rarely understand or support the intricacies of mainframe security policies. This prevents full integration at the enterprise level, resulting from incompatibilities with mainframe security management systems such as RACF, ACF/2 and Top Secret. The IAM solutions that do enable limited mainframe access often use insecure connections or require unacceptable system privileges.

    The RSM Security Server (RSS) is specifically designed to resolve all of these issues .

    RSM Solution

    A component of the RSM Security Software Suite, RSS supports the flexible and secure deployment of identity access management for your mainframe systems, whether RACF, ACF/2 or Top Secret - integrating your mainframe infrastructure with deploying your enterprise Identity and IAM solution.

    RSS does this in a consistent, auditable and secure way. So you can use your enterprise IAM solutions to also manage mainframe security - addressing the demands of mainframe security policies without the need to issue special privileges.

    • Gain the ability to deploy IAM solutions across your enterprise more completely, including mainframe
    • Achieve a more secure solution, where privileged access rights no longer have to be assigned to the IAM solution
    • Resolve incompatibilities between your IAM solution and mainframe ESM tools
    • Deploy a highly customisable solution, using full function Rexx – plus a fully audited solution with optional feeds to commonly used SIEM systems

    RSS supports a range of communication interfaces commonly used by IAM solutions including: REST APIs; SSH; TLS/SSL connections; and native HTTP/HTTPS. Connections between IAM and RSS are secured using robust encryption and digital certificates. The mainframe userid under which the IAM connects to RSS does not require enhanced or special privileges on the mainframe, so cannot be misused.

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